TM ZETA High end Ballpoint Pen Kit | Pen Turning

  • £5.99 GBP



The TM Zeta Pen Kit 

The Zeta is our best selling single tubed pen kit and is also widely recognised as the best value and highest quality single tubed kit on the market. With a classy, simple yet elegant design this remarkable pen kit uses a rear twist, finial mounted mechanism; this allows a smooth, satisfying transition.

With a sophisticated, exclusive banding decorating the nib section it stands out against the pen kit illuminating the simple beauty it holds whilst adding a little flair to your final product. The Zeta is a straight forward kit to make and assemble making it perfect for everyone. Using a high standard Parker style Refill the pen glides across your page with ease making a satisfying write for anyone. 

Your plating options are:

  • Gunmetal with Chrome 
  • Gunmetal with Upgrade Gold
  • Full Rhodium 
  • Rhodium with Black Titanium 
  • Full Black Chrome 

You will need: 

Gold TM Zeta turned by Terry Miller