SS16F Scroll Saw With Foot Pedal Switch | Free Postage
SS16F Scroll Saw With Foot Pedal Switch | Free Postage
SS16F Scroll Saw With Foot Pedal Switch | Free Postage

SS16F Scroll Saw With Foot Pedal Switch | Free Postage

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The complete scroll saw package, with a powerful DC motor allowing electronic variable speed control and a foot pedal switch to allow the operator to keep both hands on the work piece at all times. Perfect for hobby, craft and model making.

  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • 16" Throat Capacity
  • Use Both Pin and Plain Ended Blades
  • Integral Plain Blade Setting Jig
  • LED Work light on Flexible Shaft
  • Foot Pedal Control Switch
  • Quick Action Blade Tension
  • Adjustable Air Blower
  • Spare Blade Storage Case
  • Tilting Table with Sliding Mitre Fence  
  • Power Take Off for Rotary Drive
  • 64 Piece Accessory Kit for Rotary Drive

A cast iron base provides stability and keeps vibration down to a minimum. It has 3 mounting points for those wishing to secure it to a workbench. 

The aluminium work table has a tilting function from 90 to 45 degrees, and 2 slots to mount the sliding mitre fence for when a straight cut, rather than freehand, is required. 

The scroll saw can cut up to a depth of 50mm in various materials. The parallel arm design gives a vertical cutting action for high quality results. There is an adjustable height foot clamp to hold the work piece down against the table and prevent chattering. An air blower keeps dust away from pencil lines to ensure they remain visible when following a template. A transparent guard keeps the operator safe from contact with the moving parts.

The addition of the foot pedal switch will transform the way you work with the saw. Once you have tried it you never want to be without it! The ability to stop and start without removing hands from the work piece, allows you to work quicker and more accurately, especially in complex designs.

A battery powered LED light on a flexible shaft allows light to be positioned directly onto the cutting area.

There are 2 types of scroll saw blades available: Pin end and Plain end. The SS16F can use either type.

Pin ended blades are easier and quicker to install, they simply hook over the blade hanger. With the benefit of the quick tension lever, a blade can be changed in a few seconds. Pin ended blades can be mounted front facing in the traditional position or at 90 degrees which provides more work table support, handy for certain projects.

Plain ended blades can be made thinner and are therefore more often used for very fine or intricate cutting. They require two blade clamps to be fitted prior to use. To assist there is an integral setting jig cast into the upper arm of the scroll saw. The jig ensures the clamps are set at the correct distance apart. The blade clamps then simply hook over the top and bottom hangers and blade tension is applied through the quick action lever.

On the side of the saw is a storage compartment to keep spare blades and service tools safe & ready to use.

To add another level of versatility to the scroll saw, we also include a power take off to fit a flexible rotary shaft. The rotary shaft has a 3.2mm collet chuck (compatible with Dremel type tools) and we include a 64 piece accessory kit enabling a wide variety of applications such as engraving, carving, routing, cutting, sanding & polishing.

Supplied with 1 Plain type blade, plain blade clamps, 1 Pin type blade, 1m flexible rotary shaft, accessory kit for rotary shaft, foot pedal switch with 1.3m cable, 2.0m power cable and UK 3 pin plug. 

 SS16F Specification

Motor (DC Brush) 90w, 240v, 50hz
Blade Length 127mm (5")
Throat Depth 405mm (16")
Max. Depth of Cut @ 90 50mm
Max. Depth of cut @ 45 20mm
Variable Speed 550-1650 spm
Table Size 414mm x 254mm
Table Tilt 90-45 degrees
Work Light Battery 2 x AAA
Flexible Rotary Shaft Length 1000mm
Flexible Rotary Shaft Speed 3300-10,000 rpm
Dust Extraction Outlet 31mm ID / 35mm OD
Bench Top to Work Table Height 175mm
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 360mm x 630mm x 400mm
Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH) 670mm x 330mm x 400mm
Weight 14.5kg
Assembly Time Required 10 Minutes
Rating Light Trade
Warranty 1 Year