SP001 | 50mm Velcro Sanding Pad | Sandi Pads

SP001 | 50mm Velcro Sanding Pad | Sandi Pads

  • £6.00 GBP

Premium Urethane Velcro Pad

The sanding pads have a shank which can be mounted into any suitable drill chuck. They can be used in a drill press or in a hand held drill to powersand curved surfaces.

Woodturners can mount the pad into a drill chuck fitted to the headstock of a lathe.

The foam pad conforms to the curve and the contra rotations of the drill or lathe mounted pad, eliminate swirl marks to produce a fine finish.

Pad Diameter: 50mm (2")
Pad Firmness: Hard
Shank Diameter: 6mm (1/4") 

The pads have a hook backing and can be used with any loop backed discs. The hook & loop system allows discs to be quickly swapped to work down through grit sizes to achieve a superb finish.

There are 3 types of pad available with varying degrees of firmness:
Hard Urethane pads are dense with only a slight give, best suited to flatter surfaces.
EVA Foam is medium firmness, a good combination between durability and flexibility.
The Soft High Profile Pad is the most flexible and allows the material to mould to tight contours which can give better access in certain applications.