Shogun MC24 Japanese Precision Dozuki Saw | 240mm | Pull Saw

Shogun MC24 Japanese Precision Dozuki Saw | 240mm | Pull Saw

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One of the most popular of the Japanese saws, is the Dozuki style precision saw. It has a back spine which supports the blade during the pull cut allowing an incredibly thin plate to be used, only 0.3mm.

The thin plate means less material is removed and so the resulting cut requires very little effort whilst giving very high accuracy and a smooth finish, thanks to the fine 20tpi tooth pattern.

Applications include dovetailing, tenoning, cross-cutting, box making and general cabinet making.

The MC24 is the larger brother to the mini Dozuki saw MP150.

This Dozuki saw can cut to a depth up to 50mm, so is suitable for cutting tenon shoulders.

The blade fixes to a traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wooden handle that offers fantastic control.


Shogun MC24 Specification

Blade Length 240mm
Blade Thickness (Plate) 0.3mm
Blade Thickness (Kerf) 0.45mm
Toothing 1mm (25tpi)
Maximum Cutting Depth 50mm
Overall Length 560mm