Shogun M-180R | Japanese 180mm Ryoba Double Edged Saw

Shogun M-180R | Japanese 180mm Ryoba Double Edged Saw

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One of the most versatile of all the Japanese saws. The Shogun Ryoba, double edged saw, is a true all round work horse for carpentry, joinery and all your woodturning or woodworking needs.

The blade ion the Ryoba Saw is a little thicker than most in the range allowing a very aggressive feed rate when you want to cut fast, but still retaining the legendary accuracy of Japanese tools.

The high quality blade is nickel plated to resist corrosion and resin build up. It is equally at home in softwoods, hardwoods, green or oily timbers.

The Ryoba saw has two cutting edges, with differing tooth patterns. The finer 16tpi toothing for crosscutting and 10tpi for rip cutting.

The 180mm blade fixes to an economic and durable plastic handle.

Japanese saws are made from very high quality steel with hard and long lasting teeth. With a little care the saw will last for many years of daily use. They should not be considered disposable like the Western equivalents.


Shogun M-180R Specification

Blade Length 180mm
Blade Thickness (Plate) 0.6mm
Blade Thickness (Kerf) 0.9mm
Cross Cutting Edge 1.5mm (17tpi)
Rip Cutting Edge 2.14mm (12tpi)
Overall Length 390mm

For a longer length version of this saw, look at MC2424H.