Shogun Japanese 100mm Folding Flush Cut Pull Saw |  ZHC-7

Shogun Japanese 100mm Folding Flush Cut Pull Saw | ZHC-7

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The Shogun range of folding saws feature a wooden handle which incorporates a folding mechanism, allowing the high quality blade to be safely folded away when not in use.

The blades are made of high quality Japanese steel and very thin to allow accurate cutting, the teeth are razor sharp and impulse hardened to ensure a long service life.

The Kugihiki or Flush Cut Saw from Shogun has an ultra thin flexible blade designed for the flush trimming of wooden dowels or for cutting the protruding ends of through tenons.

The teeth have no set to allow flush cutting with no risk of scratching the surface.

When using this saw, it helps if you gently rest the fingers of your free hand on the back of the blade just behind the cut. This gives much greater control.


Shogun ZHC-7 Specification

Open Length 250mm
Folded Length 140mm
Blade Length 100mm
Blade Thickness 0.4mm
Blade Width 20mm
Tooth Spacing 1.0mm (25tpi)