Robin Hood’s Grave Pen Blanks | Historic Pen Blanks

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Robin Hood’s Grave Blanks

Yew blanks from the Robin Hood’s Grave, Kirklees Priory, England.

The timber is from the accent Yew Trees that stand at the side of the monument. The Druids regarded yew as sacred and planted it close to their temples. As early Christians often built their churches on these consecrated sites, the association of yew trees with churchyards was perpetuated.

The legend of Robin Hood is a fantastic story and Kirklees priory features in the stories of Robins Death. Weather or not this is the exact burial location of Robin is up for debate but what ever the truth, Legend or Hero, I love that fact that this is on my doorstep along with other great historic locations.


Blanks size: 5inch x 22mm x 22mm

This listing is for one blank.

A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with each blank.