P|Flux 3 | Laguna | Dust Extractor | Dust Collector | Woodworking | Woodturning

P|Flux 3 | Laguna | Dust Extractor | Dust Collector | Woodworking | Woodturning

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P|Flux 3

Laguna P|FLUX series cyclones have:

  • Convenience - Remote handset start & stop
  • Clean Air - HEPA Filtration Down To 0.4 Micron
  • Maintenance Free - Fully automated filter cleaning
  • Operator Signals - Warning light and audible alarm when collection drum is full
  • Low Noise - Swing away doors with acoustic foam liner
  • No Mess - Semi automatic emptying of fine dust collected in canister drum
  • Efficiency - Riveted steel fan with backward curved fin design
  • Ease Of Use - Collection drum instantly detaches
  • Simple Connection - Hose inlet with splitter and rubber blanking caps
  • Portability  - With 4 Swivel Castors

Looks amazing and works even better!

The 2022 model has had some new features added, the most important being the introduction of fully automated filter cleaning. Until now, HEPA material has been too delicate to use an internal paddle cleaning system. Thanks to a new advance the HEPA material now has a Teflon membrane on the inner wall. This membrane enhances the inner surface of the filter allowing dust to travel down smoothly and quickly, with less dust caking against the wall. This extends the filter efficiency and life span of the HEPA as well as making it tough enough to fit the cleaning system.

During operation, cleaning automatically begins every 10 minutes and every time the cyclone is stopped.  

A small collection drum is located underneath the HEPA canister, which collects the very fine dust kept in by the filter. Periodically check the viewing window and empty if required by connecting a hose to the drum and running the machine in a closed circuit with the filter cleaner running, which will move the fine dust into the main collection drum. 

With a 2 stage separation cyclone design, the octagonal shaped drum collects most of the chips and dust before they go through the fan. The drum has an inspection window with a Max. fill line for the operator to check the level. The inside of the drum is illuminated by an LED light which is controlled from the main panel. A proximity sensor inside the drum automatically detects when the drum is full and alerts the operator with lights and an audible alarm, which resets once the drum is removed. 

The drum is detached with a single quick action lever which lowers the drum onto the ground. The drum has its own set of castors to allow it to be rolled over to the  waste bin for emptying. When the collection drum is locked back into position, a rubber seal is engaged to make it airtight. These smart features mean faster drum emptying, less down time.

When it comes to measuring airflow, there are many ways to do it. Laguna quote the traditional method, for comparison against other brands, as well as a more realistic method which gives a 'real world' result. Visit the cycology page for more information. 

Another feature of the P|FLUX series is the inclusion of noise reducing acoustic foam inside the filter canister cover. The PFLUX3 has a sound rating of just 76db. Compared to a traditional extractor of equal size, which is around 86db, this gives a perceived volume level reduction of around 50% to the human ear. Prolonged exposure to sound levels over 85db can cause hearing loss.  

Supplied with remote start handset, 1 collection bag for main drum, 1.8m power cable with a fitted 32amp Industrial plug. 
This Machine requires a 32amp supply and it's recommended that a C Type breaker is used.


Part Number PFLUX3
Airflow (Traditional method) 3831 m3/hour (2253 cfm)
Airflow (Realistic method) 2209 m3/hour (1299 cfm)
Max. static pressure 285mm in water (11.2")
Canister filter type  HEPA 100% @ 1 micron
Filtration efficiency 99.2% @ 0.4 micron
Motor  2200w (3.0hp)
Power supply 220-240v / 50Hz / 1phase
Recommended breaker size (MCB) 32 Amps (Type C)
Power cable with fitted plug 1.8m (6ft) 3 wire
Control panel Anodized aluminium
Hand held remote control High frequency
Inlet diameters  1 x 200mm or 3 x 100mm (1 x 8" or 3 x 4")
Impeller fan type 390mm (15.5") Steel radial fin (Balanced ISO 1940)
Impeller fan speed 2800rpm
Collection drum full signal Warning lights & Audible alarm
Collection drum capacity 175 Litre octagonal drum
Collection drum bag (layflat size) 960mm x 1200mm (38" x 47")
Collection bag hold down Metal Insert Frame
Collection drum illumination LED light
Filter canister cleaning Fully Automated Paddle Cleaning
Filter canister emptying 4" hose connection (Re-circulate until empty)
Decibel reading 76 dB(A) @ 3m
Assembled dimensions (W x D x H) 1092mm x 686mm x 2286mm
Shipping dimensions (W x D x H) 1250mm x 810mm x 1310mm
Weight (Net/Ship) 160Kg / 210Kg
Manufacturers warranty 1 Year
Assembly time 6 Hours (Needs 2 people for some stages)