Hamlet Craft Tools | Square End Scraper | Woodturning Chisels

  • £27.00 GBP

Hamlet Square End Scrapers for a fresh clean cut.

The Square scraper is great for cleaning up difficult bumps and waves you may struggle to take out with a gouge. They give a nice clean, straight edge to your project whilst reducing time in sanding. 

Used correctly and any small, annoying bumps or rings can be brought right out using the square scraper. 

Made from quality M2 high speed steel keeping a great cutting edge for longer. 

The Square End Scrapers are available in: 

  • 1/2” Scraper HCT112
  • 3/4″ Scraper HCT113
  • 1″ Scraper HCT114
  • 1.1/4″ Scraper HCT115

All Hamlet scrapers come with a 10” handle apart from the 1 1/4 Scraper which as a 14” handle.