DH250 Dust Collection Hood 250mm x 110mm

DH250 Dust Collection Hood 250mm x 110mm

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 A plastic dust collector hood with a wide mouth at one end and a round hose connection at the other. Suitable for use with standard 100mm diameter flexible hose. You may need a hose clamp to secure the hose to the round end (100HC).

Ideal for Collecting dust and chips from small lathes, sanding discs or any other machinery which did not originally come supplied with a purpose made dust collection point.

Charnwood DH250 Specification
Mouth Opening 250mm x 110mm
Hose Connection 100mm Diameter
Depth 230mm

 If being used with a multiple branch hose system, a shut off gate (100G) can be attached using a sleeve (100SL) to join the two parts together.
A hose can be attached to the other end of the gate and secured with a clamp (100HC).