Chestnut Products Dome Buff | Woodturning finishes

Chestnut Products Dome Buff | Woodturning finishes

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These unstitched, cotton mops are ideal for polishing the insides of bowls and boxes etc to achieve the same great finish on the inside as one the outside when using the buffing wheel kit, without the fear of the item being snatched from your hands by the larger Buffing Wheels.
All of the domes share the same thread as in the large mandrel and the small mandrel so all parts are completely interchangeable.

Due to the smaller size of these dome buffs they will require more time and sometimes more speed on the lathe to be able to match the finish given by the larger wheels.

Dome Buff A is used with compound 1 to cut back the applied finish and remove any minor blemishes left behind by sanding.

Dome Buff B is used with Compound 2 to cleanse the piece and also to prepare for the final polish coat by giving an exceptionally smooth surface.

Dome Buff C is used with either the Carnuba Wax Stick, Microcrystalline or Woodturners Wax Stick to give a wonderful, long lasting shine.