Charnwood V2FJ8 | 8" Bowl Reverse Jaws | Cole Jaws for Viper2

  • £35.00 GBP

Bowl Reversing Jaws 8" Diameter for Viper2 Chuck.

Bowl reversing jaws, also known as Cole jaws or Flat jaws are most commonly used for remounting finished bowls to re-shape the outside or to remove unwanted spigots, recesses or jaw marks.

The outside edge of the jaws are 184mm diameter when closed, 208mm diameter when opened. The work piece is held in place by 8 rubber coated fixings which can be fitted in 4 different positions, in 19mm intervals, depending on the diameter required. A chuck with minimum Jaw travel of 38mm is therefore required to make full use of these jaws.

For bowl diameters from 45mm up to 189mm.
Please note max. rpm 600.

Supplied with 2 sets of rubber coated fixings;

8 x 10mm diameter x 17mm long
8 x 10mm diameter x 13mm long