Charnwood BG8 | 8" Bench Grinder
Charnwood BG8 | 8" Bench Grinder
Charnwood BG8 | 8" Bench Grinder
Charnwood BG8 | 8" Bench Grinder

Charnwood BG8 | 8" Bench Grinder

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Bench Grinder with 8" diameter wheels, can be used for all grinding, sharpening and shaping tasks around the workshop.

  • 550w Quiet Induction Motor
  • 20mm Wide Coarse Grey Stone
  • 40mm Wide Fine White Stone
  • Adjustable Spark Guards
  • Adjustable Eye Shields
  • Adjustable Tool Rest
  • Integral Mains Powered Work Light
  • Built-In Coolant Tray
  • Wheel Dressing Tool

This model has been designed particularly for woodturners by fitting it with a 40mm wide fine white stone grinding wheel. The extra width allows virtually all turning tools to be sharpened. 

The white stone helps to prevent heat build up and is used for sharpening heat sensitive tools such as High Speed Steel (HSS).  

The other end of the grinder is fitted with a coarse Aluminium Oxide grey stone for fast removal of material. Perfect if you get a chipped chisel tip and need to remove a lot of material.

The grinder is driven by a smooth and quiet induction motor with ample power for all sharpening and grinding operations. 

An integral work light on a flexible shaft ensures that the work area is well lit at all times.

Each wheel is fitted with a spark guard, which can adjusted as the stone wears down to maintain maximum safety. A one piece steel tool rest is similarly adjustable and can be quickly removed should you wish to fit a polishing wheel. For doing close up work, one of the eye shields doubles as a 3 times magnifier.

The grinder sits on 4 rubber feet to provide a stable platform. It can also be secured to a work bench using the 2 mounting points provided.

The inclusion of the wheel dressing tool allows the stones to be reshaped and squared off as they wear down, giving a long and productive life span.

Supplied with spark guards, eye shields (1 with magnifier), tool rests, coolant tray, wheel dresser, 1.75m cable and UK 3 pin plug.