Charnwood 10” x 5” Bench Top Planer Thicknesser

Charnwood 10” x 5” Bench Top Planer Thicknesser

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5 year warranty!

Product Description

Large capacity, bench top planer thicknesser.

  • 10” Planing Capacity
  • 10” x 5” Thicknessing Capacity
  • Aluminium Tables To Minimise Weight
  • Extruded Guide Fence For Accuracy
  • Tilting Fence With Twin Guides
  • Rubber Coated Feed Rollers
  • 100mm Diameter Chip Extraction Outlet

The largest in our bench top machines, still light enough to move off the bench when not in use. The capacity is increased to allow 10″ x 5″ timber to be accurately dimensioned.

The planing beds are precision ground aluminium and the guide fence is a rigid aluminium extrusion which can be tilted and locked at any angle up to 45 degrees when required.

The steel thicknessing bed has an extension arm on the outfeed side and is supported in each corner by chain driven adjusting screws. Once the height is set, rubber coated feed rollers pass the timber through the high speed cutter block leaving a beautiful finish with no roller marks.

The redesigned dust hood now has a quick action clamp to allow faster removal when changing between Planing and thicknessing modes. The hood fits?onto the?thicknessing bed during planing operations and is then moved over the top when thicknessing. As a safety feature a location sensor detects that the dust hood has been correctly fitted before allowing the motor to run.

Supplied with re-grindable knives, 100mm diameter dust extraction outlet, blade setting tool, 4 adjustable rubber feet, 2.0m power cable and UK 3 pin plug.

Charnwood PT250 Specification

Surfacing width 252mm (10″)
Length of surfacing tables 915mm
Maximum planing depth of cut 2mm
Fence tilt 90 – 45
Table height 360mm
Thicknessing capacity 5 – 125mm (1/4″ – 5″)
Length of thicknessing table 270mm
Feed speed 8m/min
Maximum depth of cut 2mm
Cutterblock speed 9000rpm
Number of knives 2
Motor (carbon brush) 1500w (2hp), 240v
Dimensions (WxDxH) 945mm x 470mm x 480mm
Weight 30kg
Assembly Time Required 5 Minutes
Rating Hobby
Product Guarantee 5 Years


It is essential to use dust extraction with a planer thicknesser. The extractor removes all the dust and chips which will otherwise build up, causing a blockage and eventually damage to the machine. Using an extractor also increases the life of the knives.