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Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP
Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP
Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP
Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP
Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP
Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP
Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP
Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP

Zebrano Lathe 1000mm 2HP

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• Large bed height for greater stiffness and integrated diagonal truss structure reinforcements for extra torsional stiffness

• The stand is integrated in the bed for a better stability, which is passed directly through the feet to the bed over a large width

• The stand has height adjustment with 45 mm vertical movement on each foot • Along the bedside finished coupling surfaces are available at different heights for mounting bed extensions and bowl turning devices

• Easy installation: the feet can stand autonomously making it easy to mount the bed on it with only 2 persons

Zebrano, headstock:

• Ergonomic design

• 280mm center height

• Eccentric and adjustable clamping system. Park position for lever

• Rotating and sliding headstock with index

• Fine zero position adjustment for precise alignment of the centers

• 5 belt positions for correct speed and torque settings

• Bearing in extreme positions • Unique cartridge system for easy belt replacement without dismantling bearings

• Easy cassette shipment system for professional replacement, repair and overhaul of bearings

• Three different spindles / bearings for 1, 2 & 3 HP

• Variable speed setting 60-3.400tr/min

• Large transparent cover, visible belt position

• Index 24 positions • Spindle lock

• M33 x 3.5 with protection and ejection nut and complying with the new European chuck and faceplate unwinding Security standard

• Integrated frequency inverter built-in dust proof cap

• Integrated 1 (2) additional outlet for small auxiliary machinery or lighting

• Proven asynchrone motors technology with frequency inverter and variable speed

Zebrano, tailstock:

• Ergonomically enhanced asymmetrical shape

• Classical adjustable eccentric clamping system

• Park position for drive- and revolving centers

• Nonius mm/inch

• Quill 100mm

• Locking pin

• Axial thrust bearing

• Auto Eject MK2 tools

• Extreme Smooth operation