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Spring Field MC Acrylic Pen Blank

Spring Field MC Acrylic Pen Blank

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Acrylic pen blank with a main colour of Green with Black and white lines.
20mm X 20mm X 130mm

Acrylic blanks make for beautiful pens as they shine up so well. They should be turned at the same speed used for wooden pen blanks. To reduce the likelihood of the material chipping while turning, keep your tools sharp.
When turning acrylic material, you should produce cuts of acrylic “ribbons” that curl away from the blank as the lathe spins.  Acrylic can chip away if excessive force is applied to the chisel.
When turning the acrylic blank, do not turn down to level with the bushings, allow ample material for sanding in order to prevent the blank from being under sized when complete.
For a high gloss finish, use wet sandpaper up to 2000 grit, or Micro Mesh 12 000. Thereafter, shine up  with a polishing compound.

Please note: Some of the lighter coloured blanks are translucent and as a result the brass pen tube might show through. To prevent this from happening, paint the tube a colour similar to the acrylic blank before glueing it in.