Hamlet Craft Tools | Round Nose Scraper | Woodturning Chisels

  • £27.00 GBP

Round nose scrapers help with a clean cut on the inside of bowls to give a nice smooth cut before sanding. They’re also used for creating coves in spindles. 

Great for taking very fine cuts helping save time when sanding. 

They are made with M2 High Speed Steel to give a good sharp edge which lasts longer. 

We carry the Hamlet Round Nose Scraper in: 

  • 1/2” Scraper HCT116 
  • 3/4″ Scraper  HCT117
  • 1″ Scraper  HCT118
  • 1.1/4″ Scraper HCT119

All scrapers come with a 10” handle apart from the 1 1/4” which has a 14” handle.