Hamlet Craft Tools | M2 StaySharp | Masterflute Parabolic Finger Nail Bowl Gouge | Woodturning Chisels

  • £54.00 GBP

Stay Sharp Parabolic Hamlet Bowl Gouge. 

The Stay Sharp range take these tools to new heights in performance. The hardness and wear resistance has been significantly improved. With amazing edge sharpness you improve the quality of every cut without constant trips to your grinder. 

Hardened to 65/67 HSS and triple tempered you can guarantee optimum performance with every use. 

Made from solid round bar the bowl gouge is one of the strongest woodturning tools. The bowl gouge will rough down logs and will bring face plate work to round. Along with turning the bowl. 

Available in: 

- 1/4” with 3/8” bar 

- 3/8” with 1/2” bar 

- 1/2” with 5/8” bar