BB01 Bandsaw Blade 1400mm x 6mm x 6tpi to fit W711

BB01 Bandsaw Blade 1400mm x 6mm x 6tpi to fit W711

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Manufactured in Great Britain.

Designed for all types of wood cutting, including contours, our Premium bandsaw blades feature a spring tempered high carbon steel blade with induction re-hardened teeth to 62HRC, providing decreased production times, better surface finish, increased fatigue resistance and longer blade life.

  • Ground teeth assure precision cutting, better finish and less kerf loss.
  • High carbon steel body hardened and tempered to 45 Rockwell C Hardness withstands greater cutting pressures and optimises fatigue strength.
  • Faster and more precise cuts.
  • Hardened teeth to 62HRC ensure longer life.
  • Teeth can be re-ground or re-shaped and re-set.
  • Lower cost per cut.

When we first tested these new bandsaw blades we couldn't believe the high cutting speed compared to a standard blade. Furthermore the high cutting speed was achieved without any compromise on the finish. 
After longer testing it was noticeable that the cutting edge remained sharp long after standard 'unground' blades would have blunted.


Blade Length 1400mm (55-1/8")
Blade Width 6mm (1/4")
Blade Thickness 0.5mm (020)
Teeth per Inch 6
Tooth Pattern Skip
Material High Carbon Steel
Tooth Finish Ground

Suitable for use with;

  • All types of wood including nail embedded wood.
  • Non-ferrous metals.
  • Plastic and Acrylic.

For use with Charnwood model W711 and similar bandsaws.
Compatible bandsaw blade for Draper BS200A
Compatible bandsaw blade for Sealey SM1303
Compatible bandsaw blade for Fox F28-182