Ultimax® Ligno: an all-new Mirka abrasive for woodworking

The first abrasive developed purely for the woodworking sector is being launched by Mirka (UK) Ltd in October, designed with an ‘hourglass’ pattern which demonstrates unparalleled performance and effectiveness on wood substrates to ensure optimal material removal, surface finish quality and durability, and sustainability.

Ultimax® Ligno combines innovation with robust consideration for the environment.  The production method reduces energy consumption as the process for curing the glue is more efficient. It also has superior adhesion with VOC-free resin, ensuring a safer and healthier choice for both users and the environment.

With its ceramic mixed with Blue Fired Alox grains, the abrasive’s surface channels serve as pathways to direct the smooth movement of wood fibres to extraction holes, preventing clogging and enhancing sanding quality.  It accelerates sanding operations by maintaining the cleanliness of abrasive grains for uninterrupted cutting and prevents the formation of a ‘blanket’ of dust between the grains and the sanded surface.  The abrasive also uses a specially developed latex-impregnated paper to improve flexibility and adhesion and to control edgewear, extending its lifespan. 

Ultimax® Ligno is available in a wide range of grits from 40 to 400 in discs, strips and soft rolls.  The abrasive features a Multifit™ hole pattern which eliminates the requirement for precise alignment, as it is always correctly fitted to match the dust extraction holes.

Neil Newbrook, business sector manager – wood, Mirka (UK) Ltd, says, “This is the most exciting abrasive development for the wood sector in many years.  Through extensive testing, the R&D team discovered that the ‘hourglass’ shape’s optimal cutting performance for wood sector substrates ensures exceptional sanding results, from start to finish.”