TM Sigma Dual Mk2 Pen Kit | Pen Turning

  • £18.49 GBP

The TM Sigma Dual Mk2 Pen Kit 

The Sigma is one of our Premium pen kits, with only the highest quality components; it is a pen designed to make only the best impressions. With small Titanium Gold rings wrapping the centre band they create a contrast to the darker plating's of the kit, adding a level of intricacy and class to your final product.

This double barrelled, elegant  pen kit allows you to show off your chosen blank, with freedom to make it as extravagant as you wish. This pen kit comes with both Fountain Pen and Rollerball components you have the freedom to change the nib as you please to suit any occasion. 

Your pen kits come with: 

  • Premium Rollerball Ink refill
  • Standard Fountain Ink Converter 
  • Ink Cartridge 

Your plating options are:

  • Rhodium with Titanium Gold
  • Full Rhodium 

You will need: