TM Keltoi | High End Celtic Inspired Rear Twist Pen Kit | Pen Turning

  • £7.99 GBP

The TM Keltoi Pen Kit 

The Keltoi is designed in a similar style to the popular TM Zeta (link in). This pen kit is a two tone plated, unique, rustic styled pen, featuring an even more unique Celtic Knot Chain design.

This exclusive pen kit is a rear twist pen, mounted on the high quality, trustworthy finial twist mechanism. With its remarkable, one of a kind design it is styled to stand out against any other, giving you an eye catching, high quality final product. This pen kit, similar to our others uses the Schmidt Parker style refill to guarantee a smooth, flowing write with every use. 

Your plating options are:

  • Antique Silver with Antique Brass 
  • Antique Silver with Antique Copper 

You will need