Charnwood CDC25 | Crown Chuck Drive Centre (25mm Dia)

  • £25.00 GBP

Turn spindles without removing your chuck from the lathe using this chuck drive centre.

The sharp point in the centre is spring loaded and retracts as pressure is applied from the tail stock.

The ring of 20 sharp teeth then create an extremely powerful grip.  

Crown diameter 25mm (1")
Overall Length 55mm (2")
Diameter of Chuck Insert End 19mm (3/4")
Width of Jaw Clamping Channel 9mm (3/8")  

Can be matched with our 25mm Revolving crown centre, for spindle turning.

For use with Charnwood W836, W840, Viper 2, Viper 3, Viper 5 & Nexus 3 chucks plus most other makes.