Emerging Turners Programme Fund | Investing in the future of Woodturning

Welcome to the temporary home of the Emerging Turners Programme (ETP).

The Emerging Turners Programme was initially set up by the Register of Professional Turners to offer training and development opportunities to the next generation of professional Woodturners.

The training programme relies solely on charitable donations. In the short to medium term goal is for the ETP to have its own standalone website and selling platform so it can generate much needed funds to continue the work started in 2022.

As soon as this option is available this area of our website will close with all items transferred to the new site.

Taylors Mirfield has agreed to cover all selling fees related to raising funds for the ETP on our website. All monies received excluding VAT will be transferred directly into the 2023 ETP bank account. Vat on sales will be processed and paid accordingly.

Thank you all for your support, with your help the next generation of professional woodturners will have a spring board to success.