Charnwood PN2MIX | Mixed 50mm ProNet | Sanding Discs (10pcs)

Charnwood PN2MIX | Mixed 50mm ProNet | Sanding Discs (10pcs)

  • £3.00 GBP

ProNet Abrasive Hook & Loop Disc 2", mixed pack. 

Pack of 10 - 60, 120, 180, 240 & 400 grit included.

Pronet use an aluminium oxide abrasive, blue fired to remove impurities, for a longer lasting and clean sanding action, and the knitted fabric backing allows the dust generated to simply pass through, giving a longer working time without having to de-clog the abrasive.
The sheets are very flexible and fold and bend easily to mould themselves to the shape of the piece being worked on.

Pronet has proven to give a longer life than conventional abrasives, and can be washed out for re use.

All Pronet discs and sheets are colour coded so can be easily identified.

The backing is also compatible with hook-and-loop style fixings.

  • Greater health benefits
  • More efficient and economical
  • Provides better control over the work
  • Provides a cleaner surface & a better surface finish
  • Much longer life span than traditional abrasives
  • Less dust giving a better working environment
  • Easy to use